Intergalactic Space Rabbits

Imagine you were in space, listening to space radio, whatever that is.  And then you requested Art Garfunkel.  This is what they’d play you:

Mr Hopkinson’s Computer – Bright Eyes

What’s up, guys?

Hello from Sunny Hammersmith, whereupon extra capitalisation is merited due to the actual presence of sunshine.  It’s been a while; the last long-form blog post here was sometime in 2011.  Such is the ebb and flow of life; a lot has changed over the last couple of years!

Still, as far as I can tell, everyone’s still out there and going strong – how it’s going?  Or, as the 90s would put it:

DJ Miko – What’s Up

Time for a bit of a tidy-up around here, I reckon.

Stirring Quietly

It’s been a long while since anything happened here.  In the eerie silence, tumbleweeds of Tweets fade dimly into the ether.

Shinypixel ain’t forgotten; in fact, it’d be hard to do so given the web is, y’know, my career and everything.  In fact, it needs to go to a new, shiny webhost and generally be kicked into the world of modern browsing.  Which is in progress, as quickly as I can do it in the ever-dwindling spare time available.

Consider this a little sign in the ground as the tumbletweets continue to roll past for the moment, at least…

Swamp Thing

The first full-length CD album I bought was The Grid’s Evolver.  A lifetime appreciation for the inappropriate juxtaposition of banjos against loud synth stabs was born.

The Grid – Swamp Thing

My Favourite Band

“What’s your favourite band?” asked someone the other day.  A surprisingly easy question – it’s The Art of Noise.  “Who?” or perhaps “Why?” you quiz keenly.  Because they made stuff like this.  25 years ago.

The Art of Noise – Back Beat