HCLD008 : The Chilly March EP

So, here’s the scoop on the latest EP to burst forth from the Hardcore Lives  stable.  I’m actually pretty excited, as this one features of my favourite artists from the whole Hardcore Energy series.


The guy in question is T92, who popped up last on Hardcore Energy 3 with the storming piano anthem Weeky. This EP veers off down a darker parth however, toward the harder end of breaks.  Autimate in particular rides almost entirely atop a rumbling, distorted bassline which I imagined as the offspring of injecting Red Bull into a dubstep record.  Mix in some gravelly, pleasingly-unintelligible samples and you’re good to go.  Definitely my pick of the two, and an excellent sense-sharpener on a cold wander around the city.

Chilly March treads slightly sunnier territories, layering breezy synths with crisp beats in a 7-minute adventure that can easily withstand multiple back-to-back listens.  Its demands are less immediate on your aural attention, and is correspondingly less exhausting.  The morning after Autimate‘s night before, if you will, evoking memories of the icy spring weather recently past.

And it’s pumping out of my stereo on a mild Sunday afternoon in the city.  For a couple of quid it could be pumping out of yours too.

Hardcore Lives Digital 008 is available from Hardcore Lives Records.

T92 can be found on PromoDJ.ru

Disclosure: I make sleeve artwork for Hardcore Lives Records.  I don’t have any influence over their A&R.