Interesting Narratives : The Graveyard

The first of an occasional series in which I’ll summarize a narrative concept in a game I’ve found interesting, and which I think you should try if you agree.

This time : The Graveyard by Tale of Tales.


You play an old woman visiting an unnamed, monochrome graveyard.  Falling blossom, and the sounds of distant birdsong and barking complete the tranquil atmosphere.


The old woman progresses through the graveyard.  She walks and turns very slowly, headed ponderously toward the distant chapel.


At the chapel there is a bench, upon which the woman may sit.  If and when she does, there is a distant sound of instruments in the wind.


The camera draws back as the woman remembers a song, as the world gradually fades away.  After listening for a few minutes, she remains, thinking.  You may now leave the graveyard.

This is almost all.  If you buy the full version of the game, the woman may die, which is one of the most interesting ways of getting you to shell out $5 for a game that I’ve heard.