Born In The 80s Part III : Around The World in 80s Plays

So then, here’s the reveal – here’s what I’ve been working on over the past months and now has been officially launched by none other than Richard Branson himself in New York.

VTravelled – Dreamt up by Virgin Atlantic

In true style, it’s time to commemorate the launch in the only way Shinypixel knows how… You guessed it; a bumper holiday pack of 80s toss!

Appropriately, our theme is travelling the globe…

Red Box – For America

You could also have had Kim Wilde, or Bruce Springsteen, of course.  Lots more 80s after the jump!

Murray Head – One Night in Bangkok

People always seem to stare at me for putting this on jukeboxes.  Best use of Panpipe in a pop song I can think of.

Aneka – Japanese Boy

(It’s cuter than Alphaville.)

T’Pau feat. Carol Decker – China In Your Hand

I absolutely couldn’t stand this in 1986 when it came out.  I still can’t.  It’s just terrible.

Toto – Africa

I got the words wrong to this for years.

Men At Work – Land Down Under

I’d never seen the video for this before.  Now those men in vests are going to give me nightmares.

Lisa Stansfield – All Around The World

I’m only putting this in because it’s so appropriate, not because I think it’s any good.

Ultravox – Vienna

A personal favourite of mine from way back when.  Not sure about the dodgy moustache in the video, though.

The Other Ones – Holiday

We round off with some hilarious badly-dubbed mental German-Australian(!) power pop with a video produced by someone who had just found their computer effects button and had overdosed on Baltimora.  Absurdly good, it’s one of the feel-good tunes of the decade.  Shame no-one’s ever heard of it.

I think I’ve run out now.  Hopefully that brought back a few memories – perhaps even pleasant ones! More 80s soon as I continue to dredge the depths of Synthesizer Canal down Youtube Lane…