Sage-Too is dead, long live Sage++

logoA couple of days ago I wrote about using Sage-Too in Firefox 3.5, which has had a rocketing number of hits over the last couple of days.  Nice to know that other people share my taste for the simple plugins in life.

I was going to package up the existing Sage-Too .xpi, but while following the discussion around the net I noticed that Sage-Too has been replaced by Sage++ that runs on 3.5, which as far as I can tell is by one of the Sage-Too authors, Higgmer.

I’ve had it installed for the day or so since I found it, and I can report that it’s working perfectly.  So, for everyone that’s been looking here for a decent RSS reader again, it’s a pleasure to send you over there to Higgmer.

Get Sage++ (Higgmer’s Edition)
(Click “Switch To English” at the top-right, then installation instructions are halfway down)

RSS nirvana restored!  Let me know how you get on.