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Blimey, that looks nice

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

n900_features_main_490x258Could this be the phone mobile device to make me forego my trusty yet ancient Nokia 3xxx? (It’s so old, the numbers have rubbed off.)

Stranger things have happened.  Runs an impressive-looking GTK/Linux OS, has a slide-out keyboard, nice (not grey!) UI,  and appears to generally not suck.  Looking forward to seeing some real-life demos, to see whether it lives up to its promises…

Thanks to OscarTheGrouch for the heads-up.

Nokia N900 Product Page

Nokia N900 Features

I’m Backing Britain

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009


They’ve sampled Roger Miller, American sex-education films and John Peel, so you can imagine my glee when I saw this fantastic Brucie Bonus as I took an occasional surf to the weird end of town.  It could only be the Cuban Boys, doing their bit to beat the gloom and doom with a rousing rework of a national anthem from the 60s.

The formula’s pretty simple: Sample ancient song, add tubthumping beat, mix in some sampled guitars, stir and recover.  It’s similar stuff to Every Girl Has  A Volvo yet it manages to surpass even that in so-bad-it’s-good catchiness.  I’ve been stabbing repeat feverishly at the player on their website for the last fifteen minutes.

I’m Backing Britain isn’t yet available from their online store, so camp out until the relevant communicon arrives.  Chalk another up to the Cubans for being the silliest people in pop, or as they put it:

This is not flag-waving nationalism but tea-sipping eccentricity.

Internet Famous

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Was surprised to see a throwaway LOLcat that I created for a joke create some inbound links to Shinypixel the other day, so for those who don’t frequent the world of catmacros, here’s a shameless reblogging*:


*Except it’s not technically a reblogging, as I never posted it here


Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

It’s been bloody hot today.  So what better excuse to organise a ramble around London and take in some of the bits that I seldom if ever visit?  From Chancery Lane to Covent Garden via Barbican, Aldgate, Liverpool Street, London Bridge and Fleet Street, here’s a pictorial tour:


Fiddler’s Dram!

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Exactly what it says on the tin.  This wonderful song holds the dubious honour of being the second most obscure tune I’ve identified in Pub Quiz “intro” rounds.  (The first is Hold Me Close by David Essex.)

I also have an execrable though strangely listenable mash-up of this versus some random Dutch gabber somewhere.  You’ll be thankful I’m not sharing that with you.