Free Compilation: Hardcore Breaks Element Vol.1

Your humble author reckon’s there’s nothing like a good pun, and The Ravepublic Of Poland is nothing like a good pun.  Good job the music’s good enough to excuse it, then.

DJ Pete from the Hardcore Lives! stable punted this at me over the weekend, and seeing that it was compiled by two high-calibre artists like Nefti and Mindfields (who I had no idea were Polish – the wonder of the internet!) meant it slid onto my hard-drive with all speed.

My thoughts?  It’s crisp, chunky stuff that’s mainly more danceable than dark, and in my opinion of a more consistent quality than the Back To The Old Skool samplers.  Could quite easily have been found (albeit on shitty cassette) in many a zonked-out rave-gear shop of the era – and that’s a compliment.  Personal favourites are Nefti and Urban Impulz’s contributions, and apart from the perennial problem of the overused acappella the CD hangs together well.

It also costs nothing.  Why haven’t you downloaded it yet?