On The Move

The perhaps inevitable but still aggravating news has arrived that I can’t stay in my flat next year, so I’ve been out and about looking for hovels.  Still staying in West London – I value my limbs – and so far I’ve got a few viewings lined up of chic-ish boudoirs.  More news as it happens.

In the meantime it’s a great excuse to slide in this University classic from yesteryear:

Barthezz – On The Move

As usual, it’s gradually floated across the “cheese” line in the intervening years, but the associated memories of an entirely less qualified version of me throwing shapes across a club with friends still bring a tear to the eye.  (Alternative mixes with more twazzling and more thonking also available.)

Of course, if I don’t find anywhere to live, I might end up like this plucky little chap, already firmly ensconced in la paddock du fromage…

The Littlest Hobo Theme
(Terry Bush – Maybe Tomorrow)