MIHTEEL : Music Sounds Better With You

(This is the first in an occasional series about Music I Hated Which Everyone Else Liked: tunes which to this day still amaze me in their rise to popularity in spite of their crushing mediocrity.  Guaranteed to wind you up.  Enjoy!)

Words simply cannot express how much displeasure this brought to my ears and countenance in the late 90s.  Despite loud protestations that extended periods of repetitive twangy guitar jangling sucked, I have only found about 3 other people that ever agreed with me.

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You

Dance-pop antagonists Spacedust did a far better job of making similar samples sound more interesting on their extremely naughty white label, which has been excellently described as “crass” by people who presumably don’t have ears.  (It also appears on their loosely-monickered greatest hits, should you be desperate for a copy.)

I personally have a copy of the Stardust EP on white-label, which contains a decent Bob Sinclar mix alongside two terrible Madonna and Gym & Tonic mashups, and an obviously knocked-off way-too-loud copy of the aforementioned Spacedust effort.  That’ll teach me.  But then again, you probably own a copy of the actual Stardust single, and that’s far worse.