Labs News : Autowhack 0.3, DownTheTubes

Some quick news from the Shinypixel Labs – AutoWhack 0.3 is officially stable and available to download.   AutoWhack is a small GUI application to assist with compressing and obfuscating Javascript for production websites.  It uses the YUI Compressor under the hood, and allows you to conveniently concatenate and compress whole folder trees of Javascript automatically or as a one-shot process.

Autowhack 0.3 is now available.

(Usual disclaimer applies.  May turn your cat green, but it’s pretty unlikely.)

There’s also DownTheTubes, which is a little experiment of mine in the world of Maemo 5 development for my Nokia N900.  It’s a map for giving you a tube map and status in a convenient little package; it’s kinda working but nowhere near being finished, but it ‘s got its own page now.