DownTheTubes is alive!

DownTheTubes has been sitting on the backburner for a while, until out of the blue Nokia released the Qt SDK Beta.  This replaces the pile of libraries, development environments and MADDE (on various levels, but in a good way) virtual machines lying around my hard-drive, squishing them all together into an environment for writing things for that sparkly Nokia N900 that I’m still not at all bored of.  The prospect of being able do so sensibly under Windows without having to use Python or GTK is nice, though my current blood pressure belies how my C++ skills have waned a bit over the years.  (Can I have my managed languages back?  Pretty please?)

Still: dogged persistence, luck and some mild swearing cobbled together the following:

So, this is DownTheTubes rejigged to work in the new SDK, and running in the “Device Simulator”.  The simulator doesn’t simulate the actual OS, hence the incorrect title and the scrollbars which won’t be there in the actual N900 version (that map is finger-scrollable, y’see.)   Still, work can begin again, although I can’t do any performance testing until PR1.2 is released.  The main thing at the moment is that hoofing a massive bitmap around the screen is rather hard on the processor, though I think I’ve worked around that now.

DownTheTubes can be found on Shinypixel Labs too.