If You Do, I Do Too

There’s a lot of music out there – I dredge through hours of podcasts, on average, every day.  Occasionally one track pops up and makes me grin from ear to ear from start to finish. If You Do, I Do is one of those, discovered via The Young Punx podcast late on a Friday while glaring at some errant code after a week in the office.

What could be better – or more unexpected – than a Japanese, slightly-too-fast, scratch-filled, electro-house reworking of Pomp and Circumstance (also known as Land of Hope and Glory to you ‘orrible lot)?  Answers on a postcard, but only after you’ve been struck agog by what Armand Van Helden’s Koochy would sound like if it gatecrashed the Last Night of the Proms.

Fantastic Plastic Machine – If You Do, I Do