Hardcore Energy Volume 8 Available Soon…

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything for the Hardcore Lives! crew, but we’ve all been pretty busy and after all, it’s a collective effort.  You can see why, though – the next volume of Hardcore Energy is an unprecedented triple-CD monster.

For the latest round of Hardcore Lives! releases we’ve tried to update the look a bit; not that the old one was bad, but over 7 albums it’d had a good innings so we reckoned that a quick tidy was in order.  A couple of late nights later, and you have the new Hardcore Energy branding:

Combined with the back cover, I reckon it looks more like a “real” compilation you’d find in the (non-virtual) shops, and that can’t be a bad thing.  I haven’t heard the tracks in full yet, but when I do then it’s likely that a review will be in the offing.  In the meantime, those of you who love your old-skool beats could do a lot worse than heading over to Hardcore Lives! Records and pre-ordering yourself a copy at a knock-down price.

Kudos as ever to Pete and Richie for their sterling effort in pulling together the release itself.