Rik’s Christmas Countdown: No. 14

Sinead O’ Connor – Silent Night

Let me tell you a story.  A long time ago, I used to be a member of Radio Warwick at Warwick University.  Towards the end of term, the dark nights quickly rolled in and the last week (in November) was inevitably “Christmas” week.

The schedule always became a bit sparse as people left to go home or sample the Christmas cheer instead of doing their show, and so sometimes upon an evening the station was a quiet, forgotten haven of solitude while all around partied.  The station was at the top of Union South – Studio 1 had huge glass windows that looked out and down across the campus and the night sky.  (It’s not there any more.)

On such nights, I would occasionally wander into the station to find no-0ne was around.  I’d slip into Studio 1, fade down the sustainer service and put this on air.  No introduction.  I’d turn it up loud in the studio and stare out of the window at what was happening below.  When it finished, the moment over, I’d turn the lights out and go down to the bar.

I love this tune.