Rik’s Christmas Countdown: No. 12

A Spaceman Came Travelling – Chris De Burgh

He’s a bit Marmite, Chris De Burgh.  Lady In Red will either make you swoon or run a mile.  I have in fact managed to make it do both – for your information, the difference between the two seems to be about 50 plays.  Apart from that song and this Xmas one I know absolutely nothing of Mr. De B’s career.

Thankfully, I know people who do, and I’m reliably informed that this comes from an experimental album which is (and I quote) “very good”.

Quite a satisfying piece of melancholy rumination on the Christmas story, which does a great job of tempering the holly-jolly exuberance when placed in the midst of a set of Xmas pop, which is exactly what it’s doing in this Xmas chart.

Finally, I couldn’t possibly mention anything about Chris De Burgh without a Christmas toast to the friend who will forever be linked with the sound of his voice.  You know who you are.