Rik’s Christmas Countdown: No. 13

Mud – Lonely This Christmas

“Is this Elvis?”  My dad once asked.  No, it’s not, but you wouldn’t be alone in wondering.

It’s in fact 70s pop boogie-meisters Mud – most famous for “Tiger Feet” – having a bit of a gentle laugh at the 50s Xmas-song style.  They did it rather too well, and it actually caught on, becoming the popularly-misattributed hit we know today.

A few years ago I was drinking in Soho with a good friend whom I hadn’t seen for a long time, and it was nearly Christmas.  We’d been discussing seasonal songs, and as the night wore on our club-style karaoke renditions were doing wonders for chucking-out time.  Somehow in the haze, the carols had gradually merged with a previous anecdote regarding some fishing-trip away-day.

Dear reader, I’d love you to imagine – just for a moment – two twenty-something men, lurching down Charing Cross Road toward Leicester Square, singing loudly and proudly…

“It’ll be lonely in Hampshire, without you to hold / It’ll be lonely in Hampshire, lonely and cold…”

To all the alarmed tourists and reasonable passers-by, we’re sorry.  We really are.