Rik’s Christmas Countdown: No. 11

Mel & Kim – Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

What can I say?  This slice of cheerful, cheesy, charity schmaltz should melt the heart of any Christmas curmudgeon.  I tried to find the best quality video as it’s worth watching the sheer, extreme, unadulterated 80s-ness of the thing.  Ironic faux-60s attire, brown wallpaper, decor only a grandmother could love, Spitting Image puppets and “alternative comedy” humour splashed throughout.  Shame some TV berk has slapped some whacking great graphics over everyone at the beginning, though.

Mel Smith (with the odd smattering of Jones) and Kim Wilde fronted this Comic Relief-supporting number as Mel & Kim, parodying Pete Waterman’s Hit Factory-produced duo of the same name.  (I hear they were more “Respectable”…)  As far as these things go, the consistent interjected asides are well-done and appropriate, and the faux-impromptu refrain is for me at least, a tiny but memorable moment.

The last 10 tunes are coming up soon…  Who will be at No. 1?