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Rumbly and Exciting

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

…is exactly how I describe this epic piece of haunting dubstep-lite thwobbing that Treblekicker punted my way the other day.  It’s hovered around the top of my Most Played list ever since.

It sounds a bit like being in an abandoned cathedral with a broken torch would feel at 2:35am after 11 cans of Red Bull.  If that interests you, you should press Play below.

Von Haze – Outsyde Tha Nite (White Car Edit) [Salem Remix]

Friday Tune: Narcissus

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Ran across this yesterday and it’s well worth sharing.  I loved the original but it was a tad short, so this stretched-out dancefloor-friendly remix is just the ticket.

No high concepts here, just some Ronseal hands-in-the-air clubbery.  Last one to the podium is a Coldplay fan.

PACIFIC! – Narcissus (Jagz Kooner remix) MP3 by sigimarra

Update: I removed the widget as it was causing browser crashes – cheers Soundcloud!

Hardcore Energy 2 Storms the Charts

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Just a quick one for fans of the old-skool vibe.  The latest Hardcore Lives mega-compilation (featuring a smattering of the best bits from their last few releases) has stormed into the Trackitdown Breaks chart; its highest position so far has been 2, pipped to the post by the Plump DJs (well, fair enough then.)

Congratulations to the HCL guys for their hard work!  (And yours truly for the lovely cover, natch.)

Hardcore Energy 2 – The Second Coming

You’re No Fun Any More

Monday, January 17th, 2011

I wonder sometimes, I really do.  Now, I know that the sample-driven, electronic music world is a self-feeding monster and all that, but I didn’t expect to see this crop up:

Dani L. Mebius – Synth ‘n’ Strings

Sadly, this  update of the Yomanda classic left me wanting.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad – if it turned up in a club I’d no doubt be jumping.  However,  I remember the original slice of dubious late-90s trance with intense fondness as a bona-fide Northamptonshire Anthem, so it’s inextricably connected with the heady days of my yoof that I’ll never recapture.   I suppose I just wish that this re-rub had kept a little more of the unabashed silliness of those halcyon days the original.

But that’s because I’m old, and you get like that, unfortunately.  It’s nice to see this having an outing again on plastic.  (Damn kids.)

Welcome to 2011

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Perhaps my biggest regret of last year is that Rik’s Xmas Countdown was cruelly curtailed by something both unreasonable, unavoidable and unfun. No thanks to Vodafone’s entirely pointless and wrongheaded network-level permanent Youtube mobile redirect which prevented me uploading the rest via the smartphone connection I did have out among the frozen forests. The one saving grace is that it ended at No. 10, which is a nice round number and so next year can be that top ten. (Apologies to those boogie-ing along to the tunes during December.)

Still, let’s look at the good side of things; the Christmas period was an excellent opportunity to catch up with an enormous range of old friends and that is a very good reason indeed to be happy. (It was also an opportunity to cough a great deal, but let’s ignore that here.)

The start of any year is the traditional time to wistfully reflect upon 12 months of comings and goings, laughter and tears, but that’s not necessary really.

This year I have only one ambition: to make things even better.