Welcome to 2011

Perhaps my biggest regret of last year is that Rik’s Xmas Countdown was cruelly curtailed by something both unreasonable, unavoidable and unfun. No thanks to Vodafone’s entirely pointless and wrongheaded network-level permanent Youtube mobile redirect which prevented me uploading the rest via the smartphone connection I did have out among the frozen forests. The one saving grace is that it ended at No. 10, which is a nice round number and so next year can be that top ten. (Apologies to those boogie-ing along to the tunes during December.)

Still, let’s look at the good side of things; the Christmas period was an excellent opportunity to catch up with an enormous range of old friends and that is a very good reason indeed to be happy. (It was also an opportunity to cough a great deal, but let’s ignore that here.)

The start of any year is the traditional time to wistfully reflect upon 12 months of comings and goings, laughter and tears, but that’s not necessary really.

This year I have only one ambition: to make things even better.