You’re No Fun Any More

I wonder sometimes, I really do.  Now, I know that the sample-driven, electronic music world is a self-feeding monster and all that, but I didn’t expect to see this crop up:

Dani L. Mebius – Synth ‘n’ Strings

Sadly, this  update of the Yomanda classic left me wanting.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad – if it turned up in a club I’d no doubt be jumping.  However,  I remember the original slice of dubious late-90s trance with intense fondness as a bona-fide Northamptonshire Anthem, so it’s inextricably connected with the heady days of my yoof that I’ll never recapture.   I suppose I just wish that this re-rub had kept a little more of the unabashed silliness of those halcyon days the original.

But that’s because I’m old, and you get like that, unfortunately.  It’s nice to see this having an outing again on plastic.  (Damn kids.)