Back to the Drawing Board

As the new, temporary logo above might imply, this place is getting a bit of a makeover.  I’ve been away for ages, filling up my time with other stuff like work, but the truth is that I’ve missed writing horribly, and I’ve got plenty to say to boot.

To be honest, as a developer for the modern web, this place doesn’t really cut it any more anyway.  It’s been around since 2003 – when the browser landscape evolved at a glacial pace appropriate for the sea of broken calculators – and the last skin was knocked together over a few warm evenings in 2010 or so – long enough ago that IE6 compatibility still mattered.

Now the web is better.  Many of these old things don’t matter, or matter less, and we can finally afford to break free of the shackles of backward compatibility.  In line with how I feel about all this, it’s high time to kick this blog into line as an any-device, multi-resolution vehicle of whimsical nonsense suitable for these exciting times.

Of course, things get worse before they get better, so I’ve purposely pared down the existing site to embarrassing dullness to maintain the personal pressure on presenting a web presence I actually feel proud of.  (You may have noticed that I’m not filled with enthusiasm over this one.  Oh, you had?)  There’s a whole load of other things that need doing, including shifting the actual hosting which has been begging to happen for over a year.  That could even mean that the email works properly.  Who’da thunk?

So!  Begone, ye IE6 PNGFixes and bizarre filters for transparency!  Away, yon arcane PHP wizardry to conjure images of dubiously anti-aliased non-web fonts!  And what will I do with that vortex logo that I’ve been using since 2003?

Over the next few days I’ll be posting up some stuff that I have been working on over the last couple of years, ‘cos some of it is quite interesting.

In the meantime, as KC Green puts it…

tumblr_mee0xcsOtb1rzhg3ko1_1280KC Green’s Literally All I Do All Day