More About Rik has been the home of Rik Ward since 2003.

Rik grew up in leafy part Northamptonshire, England, then was eventually booted out to University when someone noticed he knew how to use a computer.  4 years of playing terrible music at the Students Union hard work at Warwick left him with a Computer Science degree, a penchant for Student Radio and half a clue about making websites.

A year of busking around Kettering decimated the market for a 20-something caterwauling Dolly Parton ballads, so he jumped on a train to London, where he’s been making lovely websites for lovely people ever since.  If you’re ever in Hammersmith, do swing on by for some ebullient conversation and more hot drinks than you can shake a stick at.

In his spare time, Rik loves nothing more than exploring the world of electronic music.  When his headphones are on the blink, he can be found messing around in the world of Indie Games, attempting to win pub quizzes, and cleaning the kitchen.  (Hrmph.)

Some infrequently-asked questions…

Will you make me a website?

Only if you have a pile of money that you’re prepared to give me.

Will you fix my computer?

See above, though reduce the pile of money to a bunch instead.

Is it true you have a secret web empire?