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Hardcore Energy 2 Storms the Charts

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Just a quick one for fans of the old-skool vibe.  The latest Hardcore Lives mega-compilation (featuring a smattering of the best bits from their last few releases) has stormed into the Trackitdown Breaks chart; its highest position so far has been 2, pipped to the post by the Plump DJs (well, fair enough then.)

Congratulations to the HCL guys for their hard work!  (And yours truly for the lovely cover, natch.)

Hardcore Energy 2 – The Second Coming

Hardcore Energy Volume 8 Available Soon…

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything for the Hardcore Lives! crew, but we’ve all been pretty busy and after all, it’s a collective effort.  You can see why, though – the next volume of Hardcore Energy is an unprecedented triple-CD monster.

For the latest round of Hardcore Lives! releases we’ve tried to update the look a bit; not that the old one was bad, but over 7 albums it’d had a good innings so we reckoned that a quick tidy was in order.  A couple of late nights later, and you have the new Hardcore Energy branding:

Combined with the back cover, I reckon it looks more like a “real” compilation you’d find in the (non-virtual) shops, and that can’t be a bad thing.  I haven’t heard the tracks in full yet, but when I do then it’s likely that a review will be in the offing.  In the meantime, those of you who love your old-skool beats could do a lot worse than heading over to Hardcore Lives! Records and pre-ordering yourself a copy at a knock-down price.

Kudos as ever to Pete and Richie for their sterling effort in pulling together the release itself.

The Student Radio Awards 2010

Monday, October 11th, 2010

It’s that time of the year again, and tickets have gone on sale so the countdown has begun.  The Student Radio Awards 2010 are on the 11th November, and they will be as usual celebrating the best that UK student radio in the has to offer.  I’ve been going to the awards since around 2003, when I was a member of the Radio Warwick crew that won Best Station, and since 2004 I’ve been involved in some capacity with the visual design of the event itself.

Once again I’ll be producing the awards magazine/brochure (I’ve been doing it for years, and still I’ve never decided what to call it) that you’ll find on the tables to flick through, spill alcohol on, and hopefully take home on the night.  We’re pulling out lots of stops this year to make it an extra exciting souvenir, so please do spend some time having a good nose through – I guarantee it’ll be worth it.  I’m hoping that time and other factors to detail a bit of the production here on Shinypixel, so stay tuned for what promises to be an interesting annual excursion into the world of print design…

Love Maggie’s Day 2010

Friday, March 26th, 2010

It’s Love Maggie’s Day today, raising awareness of and money for the Maggie’s cancer charity.  At work we’re having a little bit of a competition for the best photo of “London from up high.”  It’s open to everyone, the best photos wins a prize, and best of all Vexed donate £5 to charity for every picture uploaded.

The competition’s on our Facebook page, so rifle through your camera, become a fan and upload a pic to donate £5 to charity with no extra effort required.

Applying a bit of creative licence (and whatever I had to hand), here’s a couple of my entries.  I might see if I can climb some trees* during lunchtime.

Santa’s Wish Kingdom @ Westfield Shopping Centre, Xmas

Disney Store, Oxford Street, a busy Saturday

* Unlikely, of course.

Garfield minus Garfield

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

This is an excellent strip which I occasionally find myself coming back to.  Almost invariably it’s funnier, darker or just more bizarre than the originals themselves.  Nice to know that Jim Davis approves of the idea too, rather than blindly suing the pants off the author for using his original work.

The moment of schoolboy mirth below is an excellent example of why you should read it.


(Couldn’t find the original strip, sadly.)