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Forgotten Heroes : Rave In Arms

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Those moments when you crash into something that meant a lot to you a long time ago make the internet worthwhile.  So it was, then, when I found some guy called Wez White waxing lyrical about some locals who were once very close to my heart – Rave In Arms.


Though no-one really knew who they were, their manic cut/paste sound set them apart from not only the smooth pop of the time but even against their clear influences in breakbeat rave.

I’ve got a bunch of well-worn dubs of their old stuff that aren’t up on the site, so maybe I’ll be able to help flesh out the site’s collection, assuming I can rescue them from the dusty corner of my mind – and my parents house – where they must be by now…

One Foot In The Grove

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

As you read this, I’ll be at this:

mutate-e-flyer2(Click for bigger version)

Hopefully I can wibble enthusiastically about it upon my return.  In the meantime, have a nose at what you’re missing.

I’m Backing Britain

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009


They’ve sampled Roger Miller, American sex-education films and John Peel, so you can imagine my glee when I saw this fantastic Brucie Bonus as I took an occasional surf to the weird end of town.  It could only be the Cuban Boys, doing their bit to beat the gloom and doom with a rousing rework of a national anthem from the 60s.

The formula’s pretty simple: Sample ancient song, add tubthumping beat, mix in some sampled guitars, stir and recover.  It’s similar stuff to Every Girl Has  A Volvo yet it manages to surpass even that in so-bad-it’s-good catchiness.  I’ve been stabbing repeat feverishly at the player on their website for the last fifteen minutes.

I’m Backing Britain isn’t yet available from their online store, so camp out until the relevant communicon arrives.  Chalk another up to the Cubans for being the silliest people in pop, or as they put it:

This is not flag-waving nationalism but tea-sipping eccentricity.

Interesting Narratives : The Graveyard

Monday, June 15th, 2009

The first of an occasional series in which I’ll summarize a narrative concept in a game I’ve found interesting, and which I think you should try if you agree.

This time : The Graveyard by Tale of Tales.


You play an old woman visiting an unnamed, monochrome graveyard.  Falling blossom, and the sounds of distant birdsong and barking complete the tranquil atmosphere.


Have a Heart

Saturday, May 30th, 2009


In recent months, there’s been a surprising number of contemplative art games born.  Perhaps someday I’ll provide a full list, but in the meantime I recommend you check out Heart, one of the latest I’ve played.

There’s only one ending.

If you like that, and fancy a longer, more immersive adventure, then try out Judith by Increpare and Terry Kavanagh.  If you spend all day shooting zombies on Left 4 Dead, you’ll hate it.  On the other hand, if you have a soul, you won’t.