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Intergalactic Space Rabbits

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Imagine you were in space, listening to space radio, whatever that is.  And then you requested Art Garfunkel.  This is what they’d play you:

Mr Hopkinson’s Computer – Bright Eyes

HCLD016 now released

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Long time no see, eh?  Still, here’s a free gift to make up for it.  In between trying to find time to sleep, I’ve been helping the ever-hardworking DJ Pete to get a new version of Hardcore Lives! up and running.  There’ll be more news on some planned music releases soon, but in the meantime to celebrate the relaunch there’s a free 4-track E.P. available from my Russian favourite, T92:

Suffler is my tip – a long, wandering journey through the early 90s in the same style as his previous SensationFlute Jhob builds chunkily around a delicate flute sample to unexpectedly good effect.  It costs nothing, and you can find it on the release thread, so what are you still doing here?

Your Music Is Killing Me

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Not what most people say when they see my record collection, but instead an oldish album title track by The Young Punx.   Appearing in video form on their free “digital boxset”, Get To Know The Young Punx, it showcases their genre-hopping style and has a corking Q*Bert-inspired video.  Today’s pick, then.

The Young Punx – Your Music Is Killing Me

Free Compilation: Hardcore Breaks Element Vol.1

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Your humble author reckon’s there’s nothing like a good pun, and The Ravepublic Of Poland is nothing like a good pun.  Good job the music’s good enough to excuse it, then.

DJ Pete from the Hardcore Lives! stable punted this at me over the weekend, and seeing that it was compiled by two high-calibre artists like Nefti and Mindfields (who I had no idea were Polish – the wonder of the internet!) meant it slid onto my hard-drive with all speed.

My thoughts?  It’s crisp, chunky stuff that’s mainly more danceable than dark, and in my opinion of a more consistent quality than the Back To The Old Skool samplers.  Could quite easily have been found (albeit on shitty cassette) in many a zonked-out rave-gear shop of the era – and that’s a compliment.  Personal favourites are Nefti and Urban Impulz’s contributions, and apart from the perennial problem of the overused acappella the CD hangs together well.

It also costs nothing.  Why haven’t you downloaded it yet?