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Autowhack 0.4 available

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

A quick note to announce the availability of Version 0.4 of Autowhack, the handy GUI for automatically compressing Javascript and CSS.  This version adds support for compressing CSS as well as Javascript (a godsend for the project I’m working on, at least) and also remembers your settings between runs of the application.

This version’s a beta which I whipped together last night, so there are a couple of known issues to be aware of which are detailed on Autowhack’s Shinypixel Labs page.

Alternative technologies on the Nokia N900

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Hello, all.  I’ve been on holiday in darkest Cornwall this week, but nevertheless there has been a soupcon of time for adventures in the world of the mobile technology.  Just wanted to quickly share the results here, partly to show what a flexible beast the N900 really is.

First up – with the help of another enthusiatic coder – here’s a couple of (admittedly as yet unexciting) proof-of-concept applications running under the OpenLazarus (that’s Pascal/Delphi for people old/mad enough to remember) framework for Maemo 5.  I didn’t do much but test and run these, so here’s the results:

OpenLazarus app running on Maemo 5 using standard widgets

OpenLazarus app running under Maemo 5 using Custom Widgets

…and then there’s what I’ve been fiddling with.  Thanks to the frankly magnificent Wonko from the forums, we have a working Java/SWT stack for the phone.  That means that my ShinySlots project can run out of the box and look like this:

You can see that the forced window-size has exposed my slightly-cheating repeating background, and sadly it’s not that performant at the moment, but it works as advertised, and improvements are in hand…

DownTheTubes is alive!

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

DownTheTubes has been sitting on the backburner for a while, until out of the blue Nokia released the Qt SDK Beta.  This replaces the pile of libraries, development environments and MADDE (on various levels, but in a good way) virtual machines lying around my hard-drive, squishing them all together into an environment for writing things for that sparkly Nokia N900 that I’m still not at all bored of.  The prospect of being able do so sensibly under Windows without having to use Python or GTK is nice, though my current blood pressure belies how my C++ skills have waned a bit over the years.  (Can I have my managed languages back?  Pretty please?)

Still: dogged persistence, luck and some mild swearing cobbled together the following:

So, this is DownTheTubes rejigged to work in the new SDK, and running in the “Device Simulator”.  The simulator doesn’t simulate the actual OS, hence the incorrect title and the scrollbars which won’t be there in the actual N900 version (that map is finger-scrollable, y’see.)   Still, work can begin again, although I can’t do any performance testing until PR1.2 is released.  The main thing at the moment is that hoofing a massive bitmap around the screen is rather hard on the processor, though I think I’ve worked around that now.

DownTheTubes can be found on Shinypixel Labs too.

Labs News : Autowhack 0.3, DownTheTubes

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Some quick news from the Shinypixel Labs – AutoWhack 0.3 is officially stable and available to download.   AutoWhack is a small GUI application to assist with compressing and obfuscating Javascript for production websites.  It uses the YUI Compressor under the hood, and allows you to conveniently concatenate and compress whole folder trees of Javascript automatically or as a one-shot process.

Autowhack 0.3 is now available.

(Usual disclaimer applies.  May turn your cat green, but it’s pretty unlikely.)

There’s also DownTheTubes, which is a little experiment of mine in the world of Maemo 5 development for my Nokia N900.  It’s a map for giving you a tube map and status in a convenient little package; it’s kinda working but nowhere near being finished, but it ‘s got its own page now.

Shinypixel on the Nokia N900

Friday, November 27th, 2009

…well, almost.  The culmination of tonight’s informative voyage into the bleeding-edge world of the Nokia N900 (which I will be getting assuming I can a) find one and b) the touchscreen doesn’t suck) SDK was this screenshot of a familiar website:


(Click for full-size.)

So: that’s Shinypixel up there being rendered as it would be on (an old version of) a N900, in a virtualized Maemo OS, running in a virtual image of Ubuntu, which is in turn running in VMWare under Windows XP.  And after all that, it still renders like it’s meant to.  Look how far we’ve come.

Well, that was probably the geekiest thing I’ll do all month.  I reckon I ought to go and lie down.